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Itty & Bitty Two
Itty & Bitty

On the Road
by Nancy Carpenter Czerw
Illustrations by Rose Mary Berlin

ITTY AND BITTY, those playful miniature horses, are back for their third book, On the Road. This time, they leave the comforts of Steele Away Farm in Texas to see some of the wonders of the world (the horse world).
            The Felix and Oscar of the equine set take a cross-country trip. At their first stop, the Bronx Zoo, they see “horses in stripes, but no Pintos with spots/While leopards and cheetahs are cats dressed in dots.” At the Devon Horse Show in Pennsylvania, the nation’s oldest horse show, “Itty goes shopping for a herringbone vest. (He spied a fine filly and must look his best!)” On their cruise back to Galveston, they swim in the pool, hit the dance floor, and gorge themselves on good food.

            Nancy Carpenter Czerw’s playful rhymes and Rose Mary Berlin’s fanciful watercolors make On the Run, the third book in the Itty & Bitty series, fun for all.

            Itty and Bitty are two real miniature horses who live at Steele Away Farm in Argyle, Texas. Their owner, Johnnie Martin-Carey, found this mischievous pair as yearlings at a Fourth of July horse sale.

            For a formal introduction to this amusing duo, don’t miss the first book in the series, Itty & Bitty: Two Miniature Horses. To meet all their pals in Texas, read Itty & Bitty: Friends on the Farm. You can visit them any time at

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