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Enter SandmanReviews for In the King's Arms

“Sonia Taitz's witty, sensuous prose enlivens this tale of two cultures converging in Oxford in the 1970s. Lily of the Lower East Side, daughter of Holocaust survivors, falls in love with a son of the English gentry and is drawn into his family drama. Taitz deftly contrasts the lovers' opposing worlds—and the surprising middle ground where they embrace.”
Barbara Klein Moss, author of Little Edens

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In the King's Arms is a deeply felt, lyrical novel, at once romantic and mournful, that brings to life the long tentacles of the Holocaust through the generations. In Lily Taub, Sonia Taitz has created an unforgettable, believable and sympathetic character—the young girl in all of us. The author's finely wrought observations about class structure in England, the vagaries of first love and the overriding possibility of redemption will stay with the reader long after finishing this book.”
Emily Listfield, author of Best Intentions and Waiting to Surface

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“Who you are and where you come from are as indelible as the night, or in Lily Taub's case, the darkest night imaginable. Trying to outrun her world, headstrong Lily escapes to Oxford where she meets the gorgeous and aristocratic Julian Aiken—as English and Christian as she isn't.

Always playing in the background of their torrid romance is her parents' past. Her mother was raised in a concentration camp, and her father spent most of the war hiding beneath a barn in Poland, where overhead the "sweet cows" offered company and precious heat.

In her gloriously rendered novel, In the King's Arms, Sonia Taitz writes passionately and wisely about outsiders and what happens when worlds apart slam into each other.”
Betsy Carter, author of The Puzzle King