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Enter Sandman
Enter Sandman

by Stephanie Williams

Trisha Portman seems to have a magical life: good looks, a dream job at a hot Soho art gallery, a handsome lawyer boyfriend, devoted friends. But she’s still waiting for her big break. One day a mysterious painting arrives at the gallery—one that just might catapult her to the top. Instead, it takes her on a disturbing odyssey.

Her search for the anonymous artist brings her back to her college days and to James Morales, who is contemptuous of her and the rest of the world. His artistic brilliance is exceeded only by the lengths he will go to make people dislike him— including, for some unfathomable reason, refusing to use his gift.

Fate had thrown this pair together in college, and now their prickly relationship resumes in New York City. Yet everything changes once Trisha takes a step into James’s tormented life. Not only does she find an unlikely soul mate, but she soon becomes more like this man she once detested—when she suffers a life-changing misfortune of her own.
Stephanie Williams, in this unforgettable first novel, explores the tyranny of the superficial, the power of friendship—and the mystery of what people choose to leave behind.