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Down UnderReviews for Down Under

“A sly, subversive take on the familiar boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-becomes-a-world-famous-movie-star-and-tries-to-win-girl-back story, Down Under is a sheer delight. Sonia Taitz has written a fast-paced, quick-witted novel filled with trenchant observations about celebrity, aging, culture wars, and the search for true love. I raced through this witty and insightful book, anxious to reach the end. It came not with a whimper but a bang.” —Jillian Medoff, bestselling author of I Couldn’t Love You More and Hunger Point.

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Down Under is a beautifully constructed farce that reaches out in many directions—some amusing, some disturbing. The novel portrays a young boy’s thrillingly brave and heroic struggle with his domineering father. We are hooked on the character of Collum Whitsun, and on his girlfriend Jude’s obsession with this young, courageous boy. The writing is at all times so subtle and so right. When the middle-aged Collum sees himself become his father, the author brings a tragic dimension to her tale, even as the hero begins to go kablooey. It is all very enticing to follow her intelligent lead.

While very much of the moment, and no less than a witty take on the zeitgeist, this novel is at the same time imbued with deep, dark truths and a sense of warped wisdom. Sonia Taitz is able to segue from an arch scene or grotesque moment to a heartfelt observation or smart insight with ease, finesse, and an unerring sense of literary mischief. A bravado performance, full of truth.”
Wesley Strick, screenwriter of True Believer, Cape Fear, and Final Analysis


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“Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl again. Sound familiar? Not in the deft hands of Sonia Taitz, whose funny, tender, big-hearted novel about love, loss, and the one that got away is a pure delight from start to finish.”
Yona Zeldis McDonough, author of You Were Meant for Me and Two of a Kind

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Down Under is a sharp, sad, and funny trip to the emotional antipodes. Weaving a story that’s based, in part, on the broken soul of one of the world’s erstwhile heroes, the author takes us from the northern exurbs of New York to Australia and back. Love, madness, and the meaning of loyalty form the backbone of this fabulous (in every sense) yarn. Sonia Taitz combines depth, pathos, and hilarity, creating a love story that is part legend, part cautionary tale, and entirely delicious.”
Suzanne Finnamore, bestselling author of Otherwise Engaged and Split